Music Director

Two month residency for latin american women musicians. 4 women were chosen to represent 4 different genres and bring their expertise together and intersectionally to compose and produce 5 track studio album.


The Post São Paulo Years

Producer / Musician / Editor

Series of filmed music-video collaborations of duo Post with other duos from the emerging scene of independent garage-folk-post-rock-electronic in Brazil when they decided to leave São Paulo and look for life elsewhere.


AZ Records

Label Owner

Independent Digital Label for DIY Electronic Music that ran from 2010-2016

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Interlude and Other Dreams

Portrait-Documentary | Film and Soundtrack

Filmed during a residency with experimental filmmakers Gabraz Sanna and Anne Santos. Gabraz is closely connected with the underground music scene of Brazil, and some of his recent films have been portraits of musicians, while at the same time being meditations on their work.