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A Tensão | Voltage  -  Performance / Video

Composition utilizing the radio as a sound source, investigating it's potentiality as a receptor (radiophonic transmissions), as a musical instrument (gesture and interface) and as a sonifier ( capable of being a transducer of electromagnetic radiation into sound).

"Tensão" is a jeux de mots in portughese. The word means at the same time "Voltage" and "Tension".

“A Tensão” 2015 | 20”  - Performance

Composition for 2 performers, 4 radios and 6 powersources of varied voltages.

Performers: Van De Michelis, Jiulian Gonçalves, Herbert Baiocco and Victor Galvão.

Performed at:

@ SÔM - International Sound Art Festival | Belo Horizonte | BRA 2016

@ FIME – International Festival of Experimental Music | São Paulo | BRA 2015
@ GLORY HOLE – Gallery Jacqueline Martins | São Paulo | BRA 2015
@ XX Exhibition - Women in Experimental Music in Brazil | Ibrasotope | São Paulo | BRA 2015

Research Process @ Red Bull Contemporary Art Residency 2015 | São Paulo BRA

Performance Teaser

2015 Performance at Red Bull Station - São Paulo BRA

Sound Gesture

Meditation on the gestures used to compose the performance "A Tensão". Short film piece installation at Red Bull Station - São Paulo BRA -Permanent Collection